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Welcome to your specialist for pipe cleaning

Here you have the opportunity to make your own impression of our work - and the comfort of home or office. In addition to performance summaries and reference lists in our galleries can be found photos of our projects. If you‘ll have any questions, requests or suggestions - please don‘t hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Pigging technology
Even after 30 years working in the field of pig cleaning there are always new challenges in the pig cleaning technology and execution. The company UNIROR GmbH Forst/ Lausitz is an innovative service company, developed into a popular company specializing in the cleaning of pipelines at home and abroad.

In the pig pipe cleaning we cover the whole range for drinking water, wastewater and industrial/ mining of all sizes and pipe materials.

Specially own produced pipe line pigs are used to degas the fuel lines, to drain dry pipes, to check calibrate, locate or to seek out foreign bodies. These were exhibited in concrete pumps-pipe lines in Austria, kerosene-pipe lines in Munich, Hamburg and at submerged installation on drainage pipes in the mining and chemical plants in operation.

Through a joint research and development project to improve the production and application technology of plastic pigs (funded by the state of Brandenburg, from the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF] and funds from the federal and provincial and in collaboration with the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus and Vattenfall, BASF and LMBV) we are capable to manufacture our own pigs for the particular cleaning technology of the pipe line and to work up worn pig bodies.

Therefore a pipe test facility was erected on our company premises to run for project-related experiments, studies and investigations.

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